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Assigning Space For Buildings (2)

To use the applet, type a number between 1 and 100 in the Number of seeds textfield at the top of the applet.

Click the Reset button to randomly* position the building seeds. You can continue to click Reset until happy with the position of the seeds.

Click the Grow button repeatedly to step through the growing process. The Shrink button is the opposite of grow and can be used to shrink all building plots (useful to use at the end of the growing process to create some space between the plots).

Try varying the number of initial 'seeds' to see some interesting results.


Java is not installed, or is not available, on your computer.

Follow your browser instructions to install the Java plugin.

*The initial positioning of seeds is not entirely random, they are all spaced a roughly equal distance apart to fill up the space. If positioning was entirely random then clustering might occur, where several seeds start off very close together. This would tend to lead to more variation in building size, but would be more unpredictable.