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How To Play

Differently shaped pieces will fall from the top of the screen. The LEFT and RIGHT cursor(arrow) keys on the keyboard move the falling piece left and right as it moves down the screen. Pressing the UP cursor key rotates the piece by 90 degrees clockwise. If you want to make the piece fall faster hold down the DOWN cursor key. You can continue moving the falling piece left & right and rotating it until either it comes to rest on top of another piece, or reaches the bottom of the screen.

You can pause the game at any time by pressing the 'p' key, and restart it again by pressing the 's' key.

If you make a complete horizontal line then it will vanish from the screen and all the pieces above will move down to fill the empty space.

Scoring is as follows:
5 points for each piece that comes to rest inside the playing area.
75 points for each 'vanishing' line.

If more than 1 line is completed at the SAME TIME then the scoring is as follows:
2 lines 200 points
3 lines 400 points
4 lines 600 points

The game is over when there is no room left for new pieces, and a piece comes to rest with part of it crossing the horizontal red line across the top of the playing area.