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How To Play

This applet is simply an online version of a normal jigsaw, where all the pieces are square tiles.

All the pieces (even the small completed image tile) may be dragged around the board by clicking on them with the mouse, holding the mouse button down, dragging them to a new position, then releasing the mouse button. To swap two pieces around so that one occupies the space where the other was, drag one of the tiles so that it completely covers the other, then release the mouse button, and the two tiles will switch places.

Edge pieces are marked with RED lines to make things a bit easier.

You will notice that the background that the pieces are placed on is blue to begin with, but the background will change to pink once the puzzle is completed. If the background stays blue then there are still some pieces in the wrong place. It does not matter whereabouts on the board you assemble your completed puzzle.

To mix up the pieces again click the 'Scramble' button. To choose another puzzle, click the 'New Puzzle' button.

*For more info on the artists and images see WebMuseum Paris, and The Vincent van Gogh Gallery.