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Here are some little Java applets which were written by me some time ago now (2001 in fact!), but which are hopefully still entertaining enough to at least fill in a few minutes here and there.

Have fun trying them out !

You'll need to have Java installed to run the applets, see



Play the memory game 'concentration' with this little applet. The aim is simple - uncovering 2 tiles on each turn try to find matching pairs of symbols in the grid. Quite addictive!


I'm not sure that the world needs another Tetris game, but here is my Java version anyway... The aim of the game is simple - manoeuvre the falling pieces into place in such a way that they pack tightly together.


A simple little arcade game. Guide the duck (or whatever it is) around the grid attempting to paint all the squares while avoiding the paint-stealing aliens. Oh, and there is a time limit too...


Create a poetic masterpiece on my virtual fridge door with this applet. Drag the 'magnetic' words around to make meaningful (...or non meaningful) sentences. You'll be surprised how creative you are!


Think of this game as a bigger version of 'noughts and crosses' or 'tic-tac-toe'. You play against the computer, each taking alternate turns. The aim of the game is to make a straight line of 4 spheres of the same colour on the board.


This applet is simply an online version of a normal jigsaw, where all the pieces are square tiles. Several different puzzles are available ...and best of all no lost pieces!