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How To Play

Think of this game as a bigger version of 'noughts and crosses' or 'tic-tac-toe'. The aim of the game is to make a straight line of 4 spheres of the same colour on the board. The line may be either horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

You play against the computer, each taking alternate turns. The computer places yellow spheres on the board, and you place red spheres. So to win, you must make a line of 4 red spheres, while stopping the computer from doing the same thing with its yellow spheres. Whether you, or the computer, has the first move will be decided randomly at the start of each game.

If you're clever you might win, if you don't concentrate then I guarantee the computer will win, and quite often you'll find that games will end up as a draw (where all the spaces are filled and nobody has managed to make a line).

To start a new game click the 'New Game' button at the top of the board. To place a sphere on the board just click the space where you want it to go.