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Hello there! I'm Jeff, thank you for visiting my website! This is my online 'scrapbook', a place to put some of the things I've worked on. Feel free to have a look around. I might add more when I have time, so please visit again!


View my photos... I like taking photographs. I take far too many. But then what to do with them all? So, I've put a small collection of galleries online. I hope you find them interesting!


I'm not ashamed to say I quite like Lego. Admit it... everyone does :) Check out some of the computer generated models and images I've created.

Web Games

Only 1 here at the moment, it's a web based version of my match applet. I'll try and add more later! Have fun!


Here are some little Java applets which I wrote quite a while ago, but they are still entertaining enough to at least fill in a few minutes here and there.


The aim of AutoCity was to create a system capable of realistically modelling a city in 3D. Read more about the project and see some of the results.